AROC Renewal Update

Our Bulletin 2019-02 requires Agency Records Officer Credential (AROC) holders to renew the credential every three years. This renewal cycle is designed to ensure that the individuals who hold the credential have kept their knowledge of federal records management policies and procedures current.

The first group of AROC holders going through the renewal started on January 3, 2023. These individuals will have six months to complete the renewal course focusing on three subject areas – policy and guidance, scheduling and transfer, and oversight and reporting. We will continue to update the renewal course annually to reflect current NARA records management policy and procedures.

Since we started the renewal process, we have received positive feedback about the course. To date, 29% of eligible candidates have completed their renewal. We encourage all AROC holders to complete the renewal process. If you have any questions about AROC renewal, please contact our records management training team at