Date for ERA Shutdown Announced

The Electronic Records Archives (ERA) system will shutdown on Friday, March 24, 2023. We are currently estimating the launch date of ERA 2.0 will be April 17, 2023. During this interim period, data from ERA will be migrated to ERA 2.0. This information was previously communicated in AC 24.2023.  Records scheduling and transfer services will not be available during this three-week interim period.

ERA 2.0 will provide customer agencies with a modern, cloud-hosted platform for records scheduling and transfer services. New functionality added to ERA 2.0 will improve the customer experience by providing an upgraded interface and dashboard to help agencies track the status of records scheduling and transfer requests throughout the approval process. ERA 2.0 will require authentication for internal and external users using Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards, as well as improved account management procedures, to ensure secure and appropriate access to ERA 2.0 features and data. 

We will be creating accounts in ERA 2.0 for all current agency users of ERA based on their ERA user profiles. In the new system, PIV/CAC authentication will require an active ERA 2.0 account and OMB  profile. For assistance with setting up your profile please go to

ERA 2.0 training materials for agency users will be available on the Electronic Records Archive Training page a few weeks prior to the launch date.