About the awards!

Today's post comes to us from Susan Cummings, Deputy Director of Modern Records Programs One of the highlights of RACO is the presentation of the Archivist Achievement Awards. These awards recognize Federal agencies who have achieved some notable success in their records managenent programs or activities that have significantly benefited the agency as a whole. … Continue reading About the awards!

Previewing the Program: PM Sessions

After lunch, RACO 2009 will focus on practical case studies and examples of social media already being used by our colleagues in the Federal government. These sessions will provide both background on policy development and real-world examples of how these collaborative tools are already being used in a variety of ways. Jeffrey Levy, Director of … Continue reading Previewing the Program: PM Sessions

Previewing the Program: AM Sessions

A week from now, RACO 2009 will be underway. We've already highlighted the keynote speaker Beth Noveck. But what can you expect from the rest of our program? Let's take a more detailed look at the morning sessions. First on the schedule is the welcome from fellow blogger Laurence Brewer. Laurence will open RACO 2009 … Continue reading Previewing the Program: AM Sessions