Disaster Preparedness during Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season is already underway, with Tropical Storm Isaias causing considerable damage as it made landfall last week. NOAA is predicting “an extremely active” hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin.  As a result, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind Federal agencies and records personnel dealing with the effects of Isaias, or … Continue reading Disaster Preparedness during Hurricane Season

Navigational Charts added to NARA’s Format Guidance Bulletin

This post is written by Sharmila Bhatia and Michael Horsley. We have added Navigational Charts to Appendix A: Table of File Formats of NARA Bulletin 2014-04, Format Guidance for the Transfer of Permanent Records. Records in this format can now be transferred as permanent records to the National Archives.  NAID 1022792431799 A Map of the … Continue reading Navigational Charts added to NARA’s Format Guidance Bulletin

Opportunity to Comment: Draft Universal Use Cases

We are requesting comments on our draft Universal Use Cases as part of our Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI). Through FERMI, we have been working to improve the way agencies acquire ERM services and solutions. The use cases are a part of the Electronic Records Management Federal Integrated Business Framework (ERM-FIBF) and can serve … Continue reading Opportunity to Comment: Draft Universal Use Cases

FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

We have received several questions about managing Federal records during the COVID-19 pandemic, including questions about scheduling records and using the General Records Schedule (GRS).  We have collected these questions and responses in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.  The FAQ has been posted to our website here.  If you have additional questions or require … Continue reading FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

Current Operating Status

During the current public health national emergency, the Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government remains ‘virtually’ open. All staff are 100% teleworking and our office is available to respond to questions or concerns. If you are unsure who to contact, our website contains a list of various email addresses. While we are … Continue reading Current Operating Status

Further Information on ICE Schedules in the News

There have been many stories in the news about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records and when these records will be eligible for destruction. Some of the more recent stories raise concerns about a three-year retention for “detainees’ complaints about civil rights violations and shoddy medical care.”  Any member of the public, including detainees in … Continue reading Further Information on ICE Schedules in the News

Federal Records Officers Network (FRON)

The following is a guest post from the leaders of the Federal Records Officer Network. Established in 2013, the Federal Records Officers Network (FRON) is a community of federal records officers and professionals. The FRON was designed to provide an in-person and virtual forum to discuss common federal Records Management (RM) information and experiences. The … Continue reading Federal Records Officers Network (FRON)

Annual Reporting Period Opens

Today we open our annual records management reporting period. This year’s reporting period covers activities in 2019 and runs until March 13, 2020. Agencies should have already received additional communications with full details and instructions from our office. This year, we are asking agencies to report on the following: Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA) and Federal Electronic … Continue reading Annual Reporting Period Opens